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Frequently Asked Questions
How to start?
In order to create your own mobile application, you need to register on the site and select a theme of application, and then move on to the filling. When the app is filled with the necessary information, you can proceed to pay and publish.
How to pay?
Payment is charged before the application is published in the markets, but the time spent checking the application will not reduce the number of paid days. You can pay for the application using LiqPay or using a credit card, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Maestro.
Who owns the app?
You are filling app by yourself and you are responsible for the content. But mobile app is intellectual property of the LLC "Mo-apps".
How to remove app from App store and Playmarket?
It's very easy. After 14 days since the application payment period is over, it will be automatically removed from applications markets.
Still have questions? Our customer service is available 24/7. You can leave your question via the feedback form - the
feedback on the page "Contact Us" page, or visit the page "how to use".

Many of you have probably already wondered about how much it costs to create an application, without having received a definite answer to this.

Mobile application development is a long and painstaking work, consisting of many stages by which its cost is determined.

how much does it cost to create an application

Many of you have probably already wondered about how much it costs to create an application, without having received a definite answer to this.

Mobile application development is a long and painstaking work, consisting of many stages by which its cost is determined.

how much does it cost to create an application

Cost of developing applications depending on the region

It's no secret that the cost of goods and services in different parts of the world is completely different, the same applies to the development of applications for Android and iOS devices.

In the CIS, the cost of these services is one of the most acceptable ($ 30-50 / hour), cheaper only in Asian countries ($ 10-30 / hour).

In the US and Europe, this price tag is two to three times higher. No, this is not due to quality, but to the level of wages.

Creating a mobile application whose price will be less than $ 1,000 is almost impossible, keep this fact in mind, and don’t believe those who promise you to make a $ 500 application, most likely they are fraudsters.

creating a mobile application, price, countries

Who develops applications?

Often, to create an application, take up a team of experts consisting of designers, programmers, testers and a project manager who know their business and have a good reputation. But the terms of cooperation with such agencies does not fit for all, so some turning to the freelance developers or even try to create the application with their own hands in the constructor.

But why is this happening? Why do they apply for such hard work not to proven companies, but to developers on freelancing? It's all matter in price.

Freelance / Studio / Constructor - where is it more profitable?

Development of mobile applications in different places is completely different, somewhere cheaper, somewhere more expensive, but cheaper - does not mean yet more qualitative.

Most more often turning to freelancer to save money, but what guarantees can a freelancer offer you?


  • Low Cost.


  • No guarantee that the order will be completed on time;
  • Absence of contract;
  • Lack of personal communication;

Web development studio is first and foremost reliability. If you made sure from the reviews and the portfolio in the reliability of the studio and you have already signed a contract - you can sleep peacefully, but the cost of services of such studios is not cheap.


  • Work completed on time;
  • Getting a quality application;
  • Contract;
  • Ongoing support;


  • Expensive.

Mobile application builder is an ideal option for those who want to find out how profitable it is to have a mobile application in a particular niche without spending a lot of time and money on it. Since creating an application in such constructors is absolutely free, you only pay for publishing it on the marketplace.


  • Low Cost;
  • Fast;
  • Turnkey;
  • Regular updates;
  • Update modules.


  • Template functionality;
  • Template design.
where it is more profitable to create an application

Mobile Application Builder

Intended for entrepreneurs who have not yet decided on what application they want, its appearance and functionality, and it is first of all important for them to test the effectiveness of the application among their customers.

Mobile Application Designer

Application Development Agreement

Absolutely all web studios / companies developing mobile applications should be able to provide the client with a cooperation agreement, after signing of which the project implementation process will begin. In case of its absence, you have no guarantees that the company will not disappear with your funds without completing the project.

On freelancing, the situation is a little different. On all freelance sites there is a so-called safe, which stores payment for work done, which the developer receives only after you confirm the completion of the order. But noone guarantee that the project will be completed on time. We advise you to think about whether it is worth it.

application development agreement

Application development stages. How long does it take?

Application development consists of several stages, the lead time spent on which depends strictly on the specific situation.

  1. Estimating deadlines and cost of creating an application for Android and iOS devices;
  2. Market Analysis;
  3. Writing TT (technical task) for developers and designers;
  4. Design;
  5. Development of the technical component of the application;
  6. Testing the health of the application.
stages, application development

In general, the entire process of project implementation takes from 35 to 110 days on average. Most of this time is the development of the technical component by the programmers. Of course faster this process takes place in a web studio. We also advise you to constantly monitor the process of realization of all stages of development.

In the constructor, it will take you no more than half an hour. Since each stage takes no more than 5 minutes.

time, lasts, application development

Evaluation of performance depending on the type of application

Estimating the cost of creating an application for Android and iOS devices depends on many factors.

Application Type

Depending on which application you want, cost will change. For example, an application for an online store is often more expensive than the rest, since it has the largest number of different algorithms. But do not forget that each case must be considered individually.


The more animation and complex algorithms in an application, the more difficult the programmer will be implement the technical part and the more expensive it will be develop it. In the constructor, this is not at all a problem, since with the HTML module you can fully port the capabilities of the mobile version of your site to the application.


In some companies, the price of creating applications for different platforms can be different, since applications on Android and iOS devices are created separately and require a different set of knowledge from programmers.


Creating applications in the Mo-Apps constructor is completely free, but has a fixed price for published of the application and its support.

The price of the publication of the application assembled in the designer is $ 50. Its creation does not oblige you to anything, so you can made it at any time. But first we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the guide - how to create an application.

application creation price, application type

Who is developing an apps?

At creates a mobile application must be not one and even not two people involved , it should always be a team of developers, each of whom is responsible for a certain development stage, the working hours a each of them of which are evaluated differently.


Creates an individual design for each application based on the wishes of the customer throughout the work.

Do not forget, a unique app design is your weighty advantage in front of competitive.


A programmer engaged in the technical part of an application writes code, sets functions, algorithms, and animations in an application.


Checks the quality of the work done, constantly testing it for errors that need to be corrected in order to get the perfect application at the output that none of the users will not be able to complained about.

Project Manager

Evaluates the project, monitors the process of its implementation and draws up terms of reference for the development team based on the customer’s wishes received.

designer, developer, tester, project manager

What to look for when ordering development

Choosing a developer, there are a number of points that should be paid attention to in order to get a really high-quality application that will be popular among your users.

Developer Feedback

Carefully check the accuracy of information about the person or company witch one where are you going to order the development of the application.

Portfolio Availability

Portfolio shows how competent a person will be in the development of your application and makes it possible to evaluate the design being developed.


Be sure to sign a contract with the project performer, in which case, he will protect you from unwanted scenarios.


The cost of development should not be too high. When you hear the price, consider whether your application is worth such money.

important factors, ordering development

What is important to see in the application to customers?

Think carefully about the functionality of your application, do not forget about the convenience of the user first. Add attractive images and user-friendly functionality. It is important that making a purchase from the user takes no more than three clicks in the application.

client, importance, in application


Now, knowing how to determine the cost of creating an application, you will surely make your right choice.

To begin with, we recommend creating an application in our constructor, familiarize yourself in more detail with how it works and test it on your users.

The application assembled in the designer gives its fruits? Then it is definitely time to expand its functionality and endow it with a unique design by ordering developing a mobile application on Android and iOS devices in a specialized company with a team of programmers.

Mo-Apps Team

creation cost, application price, how much does it cost to create an application