How to use it

Setting the “Taxi” application


In the “Information” module you may specify such information: your taxi service, car brands in your vehicle fleet, and more details about your company.
To do it you need to:

  • click on the “Information” module
  • fill in the field “Heading”, for example, “About us”
  • fill in the “Description”, for example, “Our service “Diamond” has been safely carrying people to the places of their destination for 15 years at a reasonable price”
  • to edit the text you just need to click with the left button of the mouse on the text in the field, which needs to be edited
  • click the “Save” button


You may add some blocks of information, to do it you need to press the (+) next to the text “Add information” and fill in the fields. To delete any block of information you need to click the Trash icon.