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"Promotions" module | Restaurant

Setting up the "Promotions" module in the restaurant application

Every eighth client will make a purchase if you set up the shares in the application, even if you did not think about making it. This is a great tool for attracting potential customers and increasing the number of sales using discounts in the restaurant application through your mobile application.

To enable the application module, you just need to click on it.

To create a Promotion in the mobile app builder, you need:

  • click on the button "Add stock"
  • to add a photo for the action, click on the “Choose file” button, the size of which must be at least 640 px in width, any length is allowed, the acceptable photo format: jpg, png, and the maximum photo size is no more than 1 Megabyte
  • fill in the fields “Name of the share” and “Description of the share” (the field “Name of the share is mandatory”)
  • select the end date of the promotion
  • click the "Save" button

setting up the stock module

After saving the stock, you can, by clicking on the pencil icon, edit the stock, and by clicking on the urn icon - delete it.