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"Contacts" | Restaurant

Setting up the "Contacts" module in the restaurant application

To start setting up the application for the restaurant, you must fill in the "Organization Name" field, this field is required.

In the "Link to your website" field, you can specify the address of the restaurant website, if any, or a link to the restaurant page in one of the social networks.

In the "E-mail" field you can specify the email address for communication of clients with you.

For more convenient communication between clients and you, you should add the restaurant’s phone number in the “Telephone” field, then enter the name of the department to which it belongs in the opposite field. For example, "Accounting" or "Sales." If necessary, you can add several phones by clicking on the "Add Phone" button.

filling in the contacts module

The completed fields “Opening hours” and “Address” will increase the trust of your customers and simplify communication.

setting the contacts module