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How to create a restaurant application


Mobile applications for restaurants and cafes, how and for any other business, has its own advantages and is an integral part of it. This is primarily due to the active development of the mobile application segment, the appearance on which inevitably leads to an increase in sales, the amount of the average check and the flow of customers.

Before you understand how to create an application. You need to carefully study the market, and understand whether your restaurant or cafe needs a mobile application as such. In order to get an answer to this question, we will analyze exactly what advantages a mobile application in this area has.

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Benefits of the restaurant mobile app


Increasing loyalty: A large number of features in the restaurant application and user-friendly interface can increase customer loyalty to your establishment or network of establishments.

  • A convenient menu in which it will be easy for the customer to add their goods to the basket, arrange delivery and view the restaurant bill. Or just familiarize the prices and availability of dishes.
  • Ability to view all the institutions of the network, information about them and them location.
  • Booking a table will allow your visitors to reserve places in the establishment in a matter of seconds. No more calls and arrangements with the manager or administrator of the restaurant.

Improved interaction with the client: Now the client will not have to look for an institution in the maps or search engines. If you managed to attract a client to download your restaurant or cafe application, he will almost forever remain your client.

  • Push notifications will not let your guests forget about you, regularly reminding you of seasonal discounts, special offers and promotions.
  • The application icon will always be visible to the user when you unlock your device.

Among other things, the hotel-restaurant business is actively developing and every year there appear more and more new means of attracting customers and increasing the number of sales. By creating a mobile application based on Android or iOS for your restaurant, you will first of all be able to get around all competitors who do not yet have such functionality in their region. Moreover, you can reach an audience of clients with any operating systems, since all applications created in the constructor are multi-platform and are available on both Android and iOS.

Why exactly the constructor? Firstly, it’s fast; creating a mobile application will not take you more than half an hour. Secondly - it’s saving, you don’t need to spend $ 1000 on application development in a specialized studio.


Creating a application for restaurant in the constructor: how does this happen?

Now you don’t have to understand programming and design to create an application, everything was done for you in the Mo-Apps application builder.

Creating an application in the constructor begins with the configuration of the so-called modules, on which the functionality of your application and its appearance will depend. The second step will be filling the application with information about the institution and product cards. For greater convenience, we recommend using a computer when building the application, this will allow you to download large amounts of information into the application.

All changes that you make in your application you can watch in a special demo viewer, to the right of the constructorr, or in the Previwer application for mobile devices.

The application template for the restaurant includes the most frequently used and demanded functionality, the mobile application consists of blocks called "Modules", the following is a list of modules included in the functionality of the restaurant template:

  • Contacts
  • Menu
  • Cart
  • Restaurant Chain
  • Table reservation
  • Call
  • Information
  • Promotions
  • E-mail
  • Design
  • Publish

If necessary, you can enable or disable the module, after which it will immediately disappear from the application.

After setting up all the modules you need and filling out information about the establishment and product cards, check the correctness of the configured application in the previewer and publish it in the App Store and Play Market.



Mo-Apps application builder allows you to track the number of downloads of your application after publication, the location of the target audience, its age and gender.

By analyzing the data obtained, you can effectively draw up a marketing strategy for further promotion of the application and configure advertising.

If during the creation of the application you have questions that you cannot find an answer to in the manual, we recommend that you contact our online consultant orcontact us.