How to use it

Sign up, and sign in

1. Sign up

To get started with the builder, you must sign up.


2. Enter your name

3. Enter your phone number

This will help you not only to restore the password in case of loss, but also to link your account to a mobile phone number, that will enhance the security of your account.

4. Fill in the field for the email

This field is used for sending messages / site user notifications, as well as for the re-sign in at the site.

5. Create a safe, and secure password.

  • It may contain only letters (A-z), numbers (0-9), and an underscore (_)
  • It must consist of 6 or more characters.
  • It must contain at least one capital letter.

6. Repeat the password, typed in the previous field

Repetition of the password excludes the probability of an error.

7. Fields, marked with an asterisk * are required

In case of correct filling of the form, you will get to the page of application theme selection. After sign up, you can use e-mail and password to login to the mobile app builder site

8. Sign in / Login

To sign in to the site click on "Sign in" on the home page.


Enter the e-mail address used for sign up and a valid password.

If after entering all the data, you see the error "Invalid username or password", you should:

  • check the correctness of the entered e-mail;
  • make sure that the password is entered in the right language, and register;
  • see whether the [Caps Lock] is not pressed.

To restore the password, click "Forgot Password?".