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"Services" module | Online store

Setting up the "Services" module in an online store application

If you not only sell goods, but also provide services, then you need the services page and the module for their settings. To configure services in the application you need:

  • click "Add service"
  • to add a photo for the service, click on the “Choose a file” button, the size of which should be at least 640 px in width, any length is allowed, the acceptable photo format is jpg, png, and the maximum photo size is no more than 1 Megabyte
  • fill in the fields “Service Name” and “Description of Service” (field “Service Name is required”)
  • you can specify the price of services in the application, and also choose the currency in which payment will be made for it
  • click "Save"

configuring the service module

After saving the service page, you can, by clicking on the pencil icon, edit the downloaded service, and clicking on the urn icon remove it.