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"SMS-informing" module | Online store

Setting up the "SMS-informing" module in the online store application

Configuring the distribution of SMS-messages using the module "SMS-informing" will give you the opportunity to receive notifications about orders or customer requests using SMS-messages.

This service is provided through the gateway sending messages To connect to the SMS gateway:

  • register on
  • following the instructions in the Signatures module add the sender's signature by filling out the form

register on turbosms

  • in the SMS gateway module, select the connection method via SOAP
  • wait for confirmation of the added signature (moderation time up to 2 hours during working hours)

connect to the gateway

After the successful implementation of the above items, you should return to our website and fill out the “SMS-informing" module in this way:

  • in the "Sender's signature" field, enter the signature added on the website
  • fill in the recipient’s phone number field
  • if necessary, fill in the "Additional numbers" field, which will also receive SMS notifications
  • in the fields “Login to SMS gateway” and “Password for SMS gateway” enter the username and password of your registered user on
  • save changes by clicking the "Save" button

After saving the data, the “Account balance” counter should show “10 cr.”, That is, 10 free credits in your account. Now you can use the "Send Test SMS" button to check how your setting for sending SMS messages works.

configure the SMS-informing module