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"Personal Account" module | Online store

Setting up the "Personal Account" module in the online store application

In creating applications for mobile devices, setting up registration in the user application in the "Registration" module will help to collect more information about customers and track the target audience. And with the help of personal push notifications in the "Users" module on the site, you can directly communicate with the client.

If you think that such functionality will be useful to you, then you should:

  • choose one of the options: "Registration is required" or "Registration is optional"
  • fill in the field with additional text to clarify the need for registration
  • if necessary, add a field to the registration form by clicking the "Add additional field" button. If you want a specific field to be required, check the box next to "Field is required?"
  • save the changes by clicking the "Save" button and you will be one step closer to creating an application for mobile devices

configure the registration module