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“Information” module | Online store

Setting up the "Information" module in the online store application

In the "Information" module, you can configure the information page about the online store in the application, telling your customers in detail: about your goods, products, service, about your companies in more detail.

For this you need:

  • click on the "Information" module
  • fill in the “Title” field, for example, “MO APPS e-store”
  • fill in the "Description", for example, "- this is an online store that contains clothes, shoes and accessories of both network and local brands from 6000 stores. Our goal is to create the most useful service for people ... "
  • to edit the text, just left-click on the text in the field where you need to fix it
  • click "Save"

filling out information about the online store

To add several blocks of information about the online store, for this you need to click on (+) next to the text "Add information" and fill in the fields. To delete a block Information - click on the urn icon.