How to use it

Configuration of the Design module in a mobile app for an online store


The “Design” module is created to give you the opportunity to visually communicate with your clients. Smart design of the mobile application keeps attention and stipulates the detailed acquaintance with the presented information as well as pleases the users with the aesthetic view. In the mobile application builder you may preserve the background selected at the beginning of the application creation, or download your own background as well as select the single background color.

Having selected the background on the site, you may see it in the application Previewer, which you may download to your phone or preview the result of the created application on the site on the right side of the mobile application builder for different mobile devices with the following operational systems: iOS, Android.

1. Selection of the background from the background gallery

If you want to change the earlier selected background by the background from our gallery you need to:

  • click on the button “Select background”
  • in the pop up window you may preview all the backgrounds offered by our company, for example, using the wheel mouse or by dragging the scroll bar in the right side of the window with the backgrounds
  • click on the background you like
  • to preview the result, click on the “Save” button which is located under the category “Icon selection” and wait for some seconds until the background updates in the application Previewer on the site.

Выбор фона из галереи фонов

2. Download of your own background

If you decided to download your own background you need to:

  • click on the button “DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN BACKGROUND”
  • choose on your computer an image which is not less than 2048х2732 px in the jpg, png format
  • if the downloaded background is of landscape orientation, then press on the marked space and hold the left button of the mouse, drag the vertical rectangle to the part of the image, which you want to use as the background in your mobile application
  • having selected the part of the image for your background, press the “OK” button
  • in a couple of seconds you will see the added image as your mobile application background in the Previewer on the site on the right side of the builder

Загрузка собственного фона

3. Choice of the background filling

If you decided to make the background of the single color, then the function “Select the background filling” is designed especially for you. To select the color you need to:

  • click on the button “Select the background filling”
  • choose the color, dragging the stripe on the vertical color palette
  • on selecting the color, you may choose the needed shade making it darker or lighter
  • on selecting the color and shade, press the “OK” button
  • press the “Save” button to see the result in the Previewer on the site or in the application Previewer

Выбор фона из галереи фонов

4. Choice of the icon

If you like the initially selected mobile application background, then you just need to select the icon for your application.

Icon is an image of a small size which will be displayed on the mobile device screen of your clients. If you click on it – your mobile application will open.

You may select one of the offered backgrounds, for it you need to:

  • press the “Background” image and select the background, which, in your opinion, corresponds to the application best
  • press the “Icon” image and select the image which will match the selected background and will correspond to the application created by you in the builder
  • the selected icon will be displayed as the “Result”
  • press the “Save” button

Выбор иконки

5. Download of the personal icon

If you want to download your personal icon for the application:

  • press the “SELECT YOUR PERSONAL ICON” the minimum resolution of your icon should be not less than 1024х1024 px of the square shape in the jpg, png format
  • the selected icon will be displayed as the “Result”
  • press the “Save” button

6. Download your logo

  • The minimum resolution should be at least 512h512 px
  • valid file format is JPG, PNG.
  • maximum size of the file should not exceed 1 megabyte
  • click the button “UPLOAD LOGO” and select your logo, then confirm your choice by clicking the button “Open”
  • click the "Save" button to see the result in the Demo preview on the site or in the Mo-apps Previewer application

If you want to delete the previously downloaded logo, click on the "DELETE LOGO" button and save the changes by clicking the "Save" button.

Загрузите свой логотип