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Design of an online store application

Customize the design of the online store application to be able to visually communicate with customers. Competent design keeps attention and promotes full familiarization with all the information presented, and also makes the user a pleasant aesthetic impression. In the constructor - you can leave the selected background at the beginning of the application creation, either upload your own showing originality during the design setup or choose a solid color.

Selecting the background on the site, you can see the result in the Previewer, downloading it to your phone, or view the result of the created application on the site, on the right side of the designer, for different mobile devices with the following operating systems: iOS, Android.

1. Gallery Selection

If you want to replace the previously selected background with the background from our gallery, then you need:

  • click on "Choose background"
  • in the window that appears, view all its variations that our company offers, for example, using the mouse scroll wheel or dragging the scroll bar down on the right side of the window with backgrounds
  • click on the background you like
  • to view the result, click the "Save" button, which is located under the "Icon Selection" section and wait a few seconds for the background in the viewer on the site to be updated.

select the background from the gallery

2. Loading custom background

If you decide to be individual in creating the design of the application by downloading your own background, then you need to:

  • click on "Upload your background"
  • select on your computer an image with a size of at least 2048x2732 px and in the format: jpg, png
  • if the background you are loading is in horizontal orientation, then click on the selected area and hold the left mouse button, drag the vertical rectangle to the part of the image that you want to use as the background in the application
  • having selected part of the image for the background, click OK
  • in a few seconds you will see the added image as a background for the mobile application in the viewer on the site, on the right side of the designer

load your own background??

3. Background fill selection

If you decide to make the design monophonic, then the “Fill Selection” function has been created especially for you. To choose a fill color you need:

  • click on "Choose fill"
  • select a color by dragging the bar on the vertical color bar
  • choosing a color, you can choose the desired shade lighter or darker
  • Having decided on the color and hue, click OK
  • click the "Save" button to see the result in the viewer, on the website or in the Previewer

background fill selection

4. Icon Selection

If you like the initially selected background of the mobile application, then you need to choose only icon.

The icon is a small image that will be displayed on the desktop of mobile devices of your users and when clicked on, your mobile application will open.

You can choose from the proposed backgrounds, for this you need:

  • click on the picture called “Background” and select the one that, in your opinion, best suits the application
  • click on the picture called “Icon” and select a picture that will successfully combine with the selected background and will correspond to the application you created in the designer
  • the selected icon will be displayed in the image called “Result”
  • click save

icon selection

5. Loading custom icon

If you want to upload your own icon for the application:

  • click on "Upload your icon", the minimum resolution of the icon must be at least 1024x1024 px, square, icon file format: jpg, png
  • the loaded icon will be displayed as an image called "Result"
  • click the "Save" button

6. Upload logo

  • Minimum resolution must be at least 512x512 px
  • valid file format: jpg, png
  • maximum file size not more than 1 megabyte
  • click on the “Download logo” button, select a logo and confirm the action by clicking “Open”
  • click the “Save” button and the design setup in the module will be completed. Now you can see the result in the viewer, on the website or in the Previewer

If you want to delete a previously downloaded logo, click on "Delete logo" and save the changes by clicking "Save."

download logo