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"Chips" module | Online store

Setting up the "Chips" module in the online store application

When developing mobile applications for Android and IOS, it is recommended that you also configure the Chips module, which makes it possible to promote your regular customers and increase customer loyalty. Using promotional codes, registered users can collect chips and receive gifts from your online store. Such a funded system ensures that the customer, when making purchases, often gives priority to your online store in the hope of eventually receiving a gift. Let's see in detail how to set up stocks in the Chips module.

  • click "Add promotion with promotional code"

adding shares to the application

  • fill in the required fields "Stock Name" and "Stock Description"
  • upload a jpg or png image by clicking "Select File"
  • choose the validity period of the promotion

chip module content

  • fill in the Promo Text field (the text that appears in the pop-up window after the user enters the promotional code)
  • choose the number of chips
  • select icon for chips
  • fill in the required field “Text on winning” (text that appears in the pop-up window after the user collects all the chips)
  • choose one of the options "One for All" or "Unique Promotional Codes"
  • if you selected the option "One for all", just enter the promo code in the field
  • if you selected the "Unique promotional codes" option, then you should enter the number of promotional codes and click the "Add" button. Then, by clicking the “Download Unique Promotional Codes” button, the document with all the unique promotional codes will be saved on your computer. Or fill in the e-mail field and we will send you an email with unique promotional codes to help you increase customer loyalty
  • save changes by clicking Save

setting the chip module