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Catalog of goods | Online store

Filling the product catalog in the online store application

Let's analyze in detail how to add products to the online store application. In this module you can add products to the online store by downloading a CSV file or YML / XML, or add them manually to the application.

1. Download a product catalog using a CSV file

  • click the "Import from CSV button
  • here you can find the selected text “download example” by clicking on which the example of the CSV file prepared by us is downloaded to your computer. It will help you visually see how the correct CSV file should be filled in
  • after, click the "Download catalog from CSV" button and select your CSV file with products in the window
  • then you can click on the “Add / Edit Products Manually” button and make sure that the products are already saved and displayed and you can view and edit them

load product catalog

2. Downloading Product Catalog Using YML/XML

  • click the "Import from YML / XML" button
  • in the input field, insert a link to the price list in YML / XML format and click the Import button
  • or click the "Add file" button and select your YML / XML file with goods in the window

import of goods

3. Manually adding products to the online store

  • click the "Add / Edit Products Manually"

On the new page you can create categories of goods, for example, shoes, clothes, accessories and so on. For this you need:

  • click on the button "Add category"
  • adding the category

  • fill in the “Category name” field, for example, “Women's clothing”
  • in new topics, you can also upload a photo of a category, the size of which should be at least 512x512 px. Format: JPG, PNG.

By clicking the "Save" button below on the page or "Enter" on the keyboard, you will create a category, after which it will appear in the list of categories.

filling the product catalog

By clicking on a category, a new window will open where you can either create subcategories in the same way, or fill the category you created with goods.

You can create a subcategory of a category using the "Add Category" button. For example, the category "Women's Clothing" contains subcategories of "Dresses", "Jeans", "Blouses.

add subcategory

You can create a product in a category using the "Add Product" button.

add goods to the application

Then a new page opens where you need:

  • upload up to 5 photos of one product. Image dimensions - no less than 512x512 px. Format: JPG, PNG.
  • fill in the "Product Name" field, for example, Dress red
  • indicate the price and currency (the currency must be the same for all your goods)
  • indicate availability of goods by ticking
  • indicate the link to the product
  • indicate all the characteristics of your product in the "Description" field
  • if you wish, check the box next to "New", "Recommended", "Bestsellers" on your choice
  • click on the “Save” button

fill in product information

Having saved your product, you can see its photo and name, next to the name are a pencil and an urn. By clicking on the pencil, you can edit the product you created, and by clicking on the urn - delete.

In categories, you can create either products or subcategories. After creating subcategories, you can fill them with goods.

To return to the beginning of the catalog, click on “Catalog” above the name “Products / Catalog”.

adding a new category