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"Banners" module | Online store

Setting up the "Banners" module in the online store application

The “Banners” module is needed in order to customize the banners and attract the attention of the user, which allows to increase the efficiency of the application as an advertising medium. The banner forms the first impression of the application and products. This impression can be a decisive factor in the decision to purchase a product / service in your online store.

The main tasks that a high-quality banner solves:

  • get the customer’s attention
  • interest the client
  • inform about new products, discounts, promotions and more
  • prompt to make a purchase of a product / service

In the “Banners” module, you can add up to 6 images with the latest news, promotions or offers from your online store. For this you need:

  • click the "Add banner"

configure the module banners

  • click the "Upload Image" button
  • select on your computer an image with a maximum resolution of not more than 1024 px in width and confirm your choice by clicking the "Open" button
  • in the drop-down list, select the category of products that the user will switch to when clicking on the image

If you want to load more than one banner, you should click the “Add banner” button and repeat the same steps to fill out the banner, this will significantly increase the efficiency of the application.

add a banner to the application