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How to create an application for an online store


To date, mobile applications are an integral part of any business, including online stores. Since modern users, in connection with the evolution of the iOS and Android platforms, prefer to make purchases and order services through mobile devices.

Underestimating the segment of mobile market is definitely not worth it. According to the latest indicators, the number of users who prefer a mobile application instead of a site exceeds 70%.

This happens due to the fact that the mobile application installed on the user's device does not allow him to forget about your company due to push notifications, improves the quality of interaction with the client, and creates additional convenience when making purchases.

  how to create an application for an online store  

Benefits of an online store mobile app

The mobile application for the online store has several of the following advantages over the mobile version of the site.

Loyalty increase

Users who have downloaded your store’s mobile application are already more loyal to your company and ready to shop. In mobile applications, the client spends an average of 3 times more time than on sites. Having the icon of your store on his phone, the customer will most likely give preference to your store, without wasting time looking for the right product on the Internet. Which, as statistics show, makes the client again make a purchase from you much more often than if he used the site.

But there are also ways to even more increase your customer loyalty:

  • Personalization;
  • Encouraging system;
  • Unique Content;
  • Support and maintenance;
  • Push-notifications.

Download speed

Due to its adaptability on iOS and Android, the mobile application loads much faster on all devices. While going to the site via phone, he will wait a few seconds and most likely will close the tab of your store.

Increased conversions

Thanks to a more adaptive design and functionality, the user will make purchases more often, browsing more categories and products.


Creating an application for an online store in the designer: how does this happen?

In the constructor you can observe various topics, each of which has its own unique functions - modules, filling in the application will help to fill them.

The application configuration template for the online store contains the most frequently used and demanded functionality. Creating mobile applications in our constructor consists of configuring blocks called “Modules”, the following is a list of modules included in the functionality of the online store configuration template:

  • Contacts
  • Catalog and Products
  • Cart
  • Call
  • Information
  • Banners
  • New
  • Recommended
  • Bestsellers
  • Services
  • Promotions
  • Callback
  • Video
  • Chips
  • Register
  • SMS Notification
  • E-mail
  • Design
  • Publish

If necessary, you can enable or disable the module, after which it will immediately disappear from the application.

You can see all the changes that occur when you configure the application (enable / disable modules, add pictures and products) in the demo viewer of the application, but do not forget that this is just a demo view of your future application and some functionality in it limited, the application published in the markets will be many times faster and more informative. To install the demo viewer on your phone, click "download for phone" on the application builder page.