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How to create an application in the Mo-Apps constructor


Before you start working in the designer, we recommend that you learn more about how to create an application in our designer, how to use it and why it is needed.

how to create an application

What is mobile app builder?

Application builder is designed to enable entrepreneurs to increase the loyalty of their customers by creating a mobile application for an online store, restaurant or taxi without having programming or design skills.

Its main advantage is the speed of creating the application. Spending just 30 minutes to create an application in the builder - you can already publish it on Google Play and the App Store, track orders, number of downloads, daily users and time in the application.

In the ordering similar services from an individual developer, the entire development process may take three months or more.

Mobile Application Designer

What is mobile app for?

The presence of a mobile application is an integral part of modern business. By creating your company's application for iOS and Android, you significantly increase the number of your potential customers. Currently, the number of smartphone users in the world is 59% of the adult population, and of these, more than 80% use smartphones based on Android and iOS.

The latest charts show that only 14% of users use the browser, while the remaining 86% use mobile apps to buy products and order services. Why? Business on the Internet is good, but not enough for modern users. The fact is that the mobile application has more extensive and convenient functionality, responsive design and is more easy to use.

Just imagine how much you increase the reach of your company, the number of sales and branding just by creating an application. According to statistics, the development of a mobile application brings from 15 to 35 percent of additional income.

Why is this happening? First, by creating a mobile application you will increase customer interaction and increase its loyalty. You should consider its creation not only as a new tool for generating income, but also as a service that will be useful for both you and your client.

  1. Improved quality of service;
  2. Additional sales channel;
  3. An additional way to promote the company's products and services;
  4. Increase customer awareness and loyalty;
  5. Increase brand awareness.
why do you need a mobile application

How to understand that it’s time for you to make a mobile application yourself?

Creating an application yourself is necessary when you do not have the money to develop or the desire to understand how it happens. But at the same time you have the time to create an application with your own hands and conduct tests among your audience.

In addition, there are several signals that tell you that you need to create it not tomorrow, not in a week, but now.

  1. Your business has just begun to grow and your customers will forgive you for minor flaws in your program. If you already have a large business, we recommend not to do it yourself, but turn to a professional developer.
  2. Your customers do not give much importance to the design of the application, they only need a wide range of functions. After all, by creating an application in the constructor, you get a template design.
it's time to make a mobile application

Preparatory Stage

Before you create an application on Android and iOS, you need to decide on the functionality of your program. Here you should first of all think not about how to earn more money, but about how to improve interaction with the client through the application by providing it with all the necessary functionality.

Easy Navigation

Your application should have the most intuitive interface programmed, and making a purchase should take no more than three clicks in a pplication.

Personal Account

Registration will not only give the client the opportunity to save the products / services they like, but also give you access to your users' contacts. The phone number and e-mail left at registration will allow you to continue to send the newsletter to people already interested in your services and will not let them forget about your company.


Setting up online payments in the program will allow you to pay directly through it. Today, more than half of Internet users prefer to pay online.


Setting up push notifications will not let client forget about you and at the same time will inform the customer about current promotions, great offers and discounts.

But if you still prefer to delve into programming, we recommend that you carefully consider the technical component of the application, the location of the elements and their functions. Since after the publication of the application, it will be more difficult to make changes to it than before it appeared in the marketplaces.

what to look for, creating a mobile application

How to create a mobile application?

Programming the technical part of the application will take you a lot of time and requires a serious deepening in the topic. That is why we will consider the creation of the application with our own hands in the designer.

Creating a mobile application in the constructor will be easiest for you if you are far from programming. Despite the templated functionality and design - everything has been done for you, all the algorithms are written and the program is almost ready to work, all you have to do is fill in all the modules you need, publish the application and give high quality advertising.

The whole process of creating an application in our constructor consists of several stages.

Configuring Modules

Implementation of the technical part of the work takes up most of the development, allows you to select a theme for the application, customize the buttons, categories, menus and pages, giving the application all the necessary functionality.

Depending on the type of application, the number and purpose of available modules changes.

The Previewer program for mobile phones will allow you to watch in real time how the modules change your application.

Uploading in app products, info and services

After you have provided the application with all the necessary functionality, you need to fill it with information about your company, leave the contact of your company, upload images of the services or goods provided and fill in their descriptions. Be careful and do not forget to divide everything into categories.


Check that you have configured all the modules correctly and downloaded the product, see how the application will look in the Previewer, select the appropriate tarrif plan for you and publish the application.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself in advance with what how much it costs to create an application in the Mo-Apps constructor.


Upon completion of the technical part of the development, the application created by you will appear in your personal account, selecting it and clicking on the analytics tab you can monitor user activity at any time.

  1. Number of app installations on Android and iOS;
  2. Number of registrations;
  3. User Behavior;
  4. The number of orders and the average check;
  5. Time in the application;
  6. Push-notifications and analysis of its effectiveness;
  7. Location of users.
how to create a mobile application

Time to start

This guide is written to help get started on creating your own application without going into the details of programming, the technical component of programs for Android and iOS, and find answers to your questions. If you could not find the answer to any question regarding how to create a mobile application for Android or iOS or have any suggestions or suggestions, please contact us.